Arkansas Community Corrections Launches Online Resident Banking

Dec 01, 2015

By Christy Williams

Citizens can now securely send money to a resident's trust account online

Arkansas Community Corrections (ACC) is now accepting online deposits for its residents through a new resident banking service developed and launched in partnership with the Information Network of Arkansas (INA). Arkansans can visit to securely deposit money into an offender’s trust account, which is used to buy personal items in the ACC Commissary.

“We are thrilled to offer a fast and convenient new way for people to send their incarcerated loved ones money instead of mailing checks,” ACC Director Sheila Sharp said. “Research consistently shows that family support for incarcerated men and women lowers recidivism and helps them successfully transition back into society.”

Before resident banking launched, the agency manually processed an average of 1,970 mailed money orders each month. Resident banking automates deposits made online with credit and debit cards and is expected to dramatically reduce the amount of time the agency spends processing payments. Nearly 1,200 residents in the Community Correctional Centers and 320 residents in Technical Violation Centers are eligible to receive trust account funds through resident banking.

Under its self-funded eGovernment services contract, INA provided resident banking development, design and project management services, valued at $19,250, at no cost to the State, allowing ACC to offer an online service that meets citizen demand without using taxpayer funds. The new service aligns with INA’s legislative mandate and mission of promoting and expanding the availability of eGovernment services in Arkansas.

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Written By Christy Williams

Hoosier by birth and proud Arkansan by choice, Christy is INA’s Director of Marketing. She’s a two-time marathoner and mom of littles who loves live music, camping and exploring the natural state with her family.


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