Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Launches Apple Watch App

Aug 05, 2015

By Christy Williams

Hunters can view official sunrise and sunset times on their wrists

Eager hunters can now glance at their wrists to see when it’s legal to shoot, thanks to the new Apple Watch app from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. When paired with the popular AGFC mobile app for iPhone, the Apple Watch counts down and displays the exact sunrise and sunset times at the hunter’s location.

"We focused on what would be most important for hunters in the field who are using wearable devices,” AGFC Chief Technology Officer Mark Vaught said. “Through our partnership with the Information Network of Arkansas, we designed the new Apple Watch app to enable hunters to see when it’s officially time to shoot. It truly helps hunters comply with regulations in a hands-free way that keeps them safe and focused on their hunt.”

Hunting hours in Arkansas vary for each season, and the exact timing of these events is different each day, making it difficult for hunters to know exactly when they can start and stop as they hunt various locations around the state.

A sunrise and sunset timer in the app combines geo-location with official sunrise and sunset times from the Astronomical Applications Department of the U.S. Naval Observatory. A red “Sun is down” alert changes to a green “Sun is up” alert at the precise moment of sunrise for the exact location where the hunter is standing. A countdown reveals, to the second, how much time remains in the hunting day or until hunting can begin.

The Information Network of Arkansas developed the AGFC mobile app and Apple Watch app at no charge through its self-funded eGovernment services contract with the State of Arkansas.

The original free AGFC mobile app is still available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Since its launch in 2009, more than 122,000 people have downloaded the app and nearly 47,500 hunters have used it to check 207,340 deer and turkeys with the AGFC.

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Written By Christy Williams

Hoosier by birth and proud Arkansan by choice, Christy is INA’s Director of Marketing. She’s a two-time marathoner and mom of littles who loves live music, camping and exploring the natural state with her family.


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