Garland County Dept. of Environmental Services Launches New Payment Processing Service

Jul 28, 2016

By Rhiannon Botsford Barber

Customers can now pay with credit cards online and in person


Residents of Garland County can now pay their sanitation bills with a credit or debit card online at and in person at the Sanitation Department. 

Customers paying online can look up their account number, make partial payments, and make future payments by paying more than the amount currently due.

“Payments online increase our customer service and give the convenience and option to either pay online or come into the office,” Garland County Department of Environmental Services Supervisor Angie Covey said.  “We strive for customer service and work hard on being able to use the technology given to us. Our Garland County trash collections help provide the service needed to help keep our county clean.”

The Garland County Sanitation Department partnered with the Information Network of Arkansas (INA) to bring this convenient payment service to more than 22,000 customers. INA provided the encrypted card swipe devices, the new online system, its payment module, reporting tools, and ongoing system maintenance at no cost to the county.

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RhiannonBotsford Barber

Written By Rhiannon Botsford Barber

Before joining INA as Marketing Manager in 2016, Rhiannon spent ten years as a crew member for four major television networks and several film companies, then incorporated her own company in 2010. A zealous outdoorsman, Rhiannon seeks the solace of nature and enjoys photographing animals in the wild.


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