“Not secure” – A Message You Don’t Want Your Agency Website Visitors Seeing

May 03, 2018

By Lisa Carrell

For several years, Google has been advocating website adoption of HTTPS encryption to make the web more secure. In April, Google Chrome began flagging some websites with a “Not Secure” tag. By July, they will flag all non-HTTPS sites this way.

60% of traffic to Arkansas.gov is through Google Chrome and we bet the same is true for your agency’s website. Earlier this year, INA began encrypting all of the websites and applications we host, and we’re on track to complete the process well ahead of the July 1st deadline. We now require SSL certificates for all the sites we manage. 

Here’s why your agency should transition to HTTPS encryption if you haven’t already:

  1. Server Authentication – those who want to visit your site know it is the site they intended to visit
  2. Data Confidentiality – https encrypts data during transit
  3. Data Integrity – information on the page cannot be altered in transit

The last thing you want your constituents to see when they visit your site is a “Not Secure” message. Most of the public is unaware of what an encrypted site is or the difference between http and https, but you can pretty much bet that they will read all kinds of things into a “Not Secure” browser message. 

“We’ve relied heavily on Google Security to guide our efforts” said Josh Moody, INA’s Director of Technology. “They have a comprehensive blog post about this initiative to help developers transition their sites to HTTPS.”

If you have any questions about the encryption status of your INA-hosted website or application, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Written By Lisa Carrell

Lisa is a native Texan and recent Arkansas transplant drawn here by her deep love and appreciation of the outdoors. She enjoys giving back to the community through volunteering and doing her part to keep our planet green.


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