Information Network of Arkansas Wins Communitas Award

Apr 09, 2019

By Lisa Carrell

INA Recognized for Leadership in Community Service

The Information Network of Arkansas (INA) has won a Communitas Award for its leadership in community service. Communitas is a Latin word that means 'people coming together for the good of a community.' This award, inspired by the vision of a better world, recognizes companies who have made a concerted effort to do their part by giving back to their community. 

“We think it is vital to invest in the communities we live and work in,” says Bob Sanders, INA General Manager. “We’re fortunate to have so many people on our team who are passionate about giving back. As a business, we consider it a privilege to support our team in donating their time to help others.”

INA employees have contributed their time, talent, and/or funds to youth organizations, schools, and several organizations that offer critical services both in the Little Rock area and throughout Arkansas. Here are some of the things INA did in 2018 that resulted in this award win:

  • Inspiring the youth of Little Rock to explore technology as a career choice through mentorships, sponsoring and hosting STEM events for Girl Scouts, serving as judges at science fairs, and more.
  • Delivering nutritious lunch-time meals to the homes of homebound elderly or disabled clients who can no longer prepare balanced meals for themselves for the CareLink Meals on Wheels program.
  • Sorting and boxing food donations at the Arkansas Food Bank to help fight hunger in Arkansas. 
  • Providing, preparing and serving a wholesome and nutritious meal to the residents of Our House, an organization that provides a pathway out of homelessness for families and individuals in Central Arkansas.

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Written By Lisa Carrell

Lisa is a native Texan and recent Arkansas transplant drawn here by her deep love and appreciation of the outdoors. She enjoys giving back to the community through volunteering and doing her part to keep our planet green.


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