Jonesboro, Arkansas Launches New Online Payment Service

Sep 17, 2019

By Rhiannon Botsford Barber

Residents and businesses can now pay municipal taxes and fees online through city's website and in-office with credit or debit card

Paying municipal taxes and fees in Jonesboro, Arkansas just got easier thanks to a new online payment system offered by the city. Residents and businesses can visit to make convenient online payments from their mobile devices or desktop computers with a credit card, debit card, or electronic check. The city is also now accepting debit or credit cards for in-office payments.

From the website’s homepage, residents can enter their unique resident identifier to retrieve all invoices and make payments for mowing, demolition, and sanitation fees, alarm fees, street repair charges, parking fees, privilege licenses, and sponsorship payments. A search feature allows residents to also look up their resident ID directly from the payment system. 

Business owners can also elect to pay motel or hotel taxes, privilege license renewals, alcohol beverage taxes, and telephone franchise fees from the website. In addition, required documentation can be easily uploaded prior to making a payment.

“We’re excited to offer this new convenient payment system to our Jonesboro residents and businesses,” said Mayor Harold Perrin.  “People can now pay many taxes and fees with just a few clicks on their phones or computers. We expect this service to become even more efficient as we add more online payment options in the future.”

The City of Jonesboro partnered with the state’s digital government service provider, the Information Network of Arkansas (INA), to develop the website,, and its secure payment system, which ensures privacy, security, and data integrity.  Credit card transactions include a processing fee to cover the cost of the system, which INA developed for the city free of charge.

RhiannonBotsford Barber

Written By Rhiannon Botsford Barber

Before joining INA as Marketing Manager in 2016, Rhiannon spent ten years as a crew member for four major television networks and several film companies, then incorporated her own company in 2010. A zealous outdoorsman, Rhiannon seeks the solace of nature and enjoys photographing animals in the wild.


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