Mississippi County, Arkansas, Offers Electronic Property Tax Payments

Jul 17, 2019

By Rhiannon Botsford Barber

Taxpayers can now make online payments with credit or debit cards

Paying property taxes in Mississippi County, Arkansas, just got a lot easier thanks to a new online payment system offered by tax collector Susan McCormick.  Residents can now avoid a trip to the Collector’s Office by visiting ar.gov/mississippitax and paying their taxes online with just a few clicks on their desktop computers or mobile phones. By entering or searching parcel numbers to begin, taxpayers are guided by the online system through a series of secure payment screens and are quickly provided with a payment confirmation and a receipt for their records.  

“We are excited to offer this new payment option to our taxpayers,” Mississippi County Tax Collector Susan McCormick said. “We want to make it easier for people to pay their taxes quickly and avoid standing in long lines, and this online payment system makes that possible.” McCormick noted that while she expects the online payment option to be popular, tax payments are still accepted in person or by mail.

The Mississippi County Tax Collector partnered with the state’s digital government service provider, Information Network of Arkansas (INA), to develop the secure payment system, which ensures privacy, security, and data integrity. Credit card transactions include a processing fee to cover the cost of the system, which INA developed for the county free of charge.

Mississippi County personal property and real estate taxes are due March 1 and considered delinquent after October 15. Residents and business owners can pay their county taxes online at ar.gov/mississippitax with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express debit or credit card. Payments can also be made in person at the Mississippi County Tax Collector’s office or by mail.

RhiannonBotsford Barber

Written By Rhiannon Botsford Barber

Before joining INA as Marketing Manager in 2016, Rhiannon spent ten years as a crew member for four major television networks and several film companies, and incorporated her own company in 2010. A zealous outdoorsman, Rhiannon enjoys spending time hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping with her husband and daughter.


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