Mobile App Helps Assess, Pay Taxes

Feb 26, 2016

By Christy Williams

Times Record Staff

Article originally published in the Times Record Online Edition

A new mobile app makes it easier to keep track of county and state government responsibilities, according to the Information Network of Arkansas.

This app, Gov2Go, tracks residents’ assessment, property tax, vehicle registration renewal and franchise tax deadlines in a personalized calendar. When the time comes to act on these deadlines, the app sends reminders and enables users to take care of them on their smartphones instead of visiting government offices when possible. The app is available for iOS and Android operating systems and online for residents without smartphones.

“I encourage everyone in Sebastian County — especially anyone who has ever forgotten to assess their property or pay their property taxes on time — to download and use Gov2Go,” Sebastian County Treasurer/Collector Judith Miller said in a news release. “This new technology makes it so easy to take care of the things we have to do every year, and it melts away the constant stress of remembering to do them. You’ve got to love that.”

Arkansas has a complex set of intertwined property tax and vehicle registration requirements with deadlines that differ for each resident, the release states. Each year, Arkansans must assess their personal property between Jan. 1 and May 31, pay property taxes between March and Oct. 15 and renew their vehicle registration before it expires. However, if their vehicle tags expire on Feb. 28, they must assess before then to renew their vehicle registration.

Gov2Go learns about its users and accounts for exceptions like these, sending personalized reminders before the deadlines with links to official websites where residents can make payments online.

The Information Network of Arkansas is a public-private partnership that provides the Sebastian County online property tax payment website at no cost to the county. It released a beta version of Gov2Go in 2015 and has been refining it and adding more features based on citizen feedback. Gov2Go is the first digital government assistant in the nation, according to the release, and it has received several national awards for its innovative approach to delivering personalized government services and putting the focus on the user rather than on a government structure.

“In the future, you won’t have to know what the government requires of you, what agency to call, or where and when to do it,” Miller said. “Technology will bring it all to you. Gov2Go is starting to make the dream of simple government a reality for the taxpayers of Sebastian County.”

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Written By Christy Williams

Hoosier by birth and proud Arkansan by choice, Christy is INA’s Director of Marketing. She’s a two-time marathoner and mom of littles who loves live music, camping and exploring the natural state with her family.


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