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Our Story

The Information Network of Arkansas exists to expand and accelerate electronic access to government information and services for citizens and business in our state. INA is a unique public-private partnership designed to harness the speed and capabilities of the private sector with the public policy oversight of a governing board.

Behind INA is the Arkansas Information Consortium, LLC. AIC is based in Little Rock, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of NIC, the largest provider of digital government services in the nation. As part of a network of companies in 28 states, AIC is able to leverage the expertise and experience of more than 1,200 partnerships and 9,000 services around the country.

One of the most unique aspects of INA is our “enterprise funding model.” INA funds the majority of its operation through fees that are added on to government transactions. However, more than half of the services we develop and support every day are free to use, and INA provides services to even the smallest government agencies.

At INA, our mission is to Explore, Advocate and Simplify. We explore new ways to help Arkansans interact with government. We serve as an advocate for citizens and businesses, pushing for ever greater access and convenience to government services and information. Finally, we don’t just put information and services online – we use the latest technology to make government easier to understand and interact with than traditional methods.

With the oversight of the INA board, we develop services that provide benefits to citizens and government. Citizens choose to use online services because it gives them back their most valuable resource: time. Government agencies benefit by saving time and costs from fulfilling requests in person or on paper.

We are proud to work with our government partners to make Arkansas a national leader. With a growing list of national awards and industry-leading services like Gov2Go, Arkansas is setting the bar for other states.

For more information, read our founding legislation, see our most recent press releases and awards, or get to know the INA board members and the team behind INA.


Read the act that created the INA Board and outlines
the purpose and goals of the organization.

Meet Our Board

What makes the public-private partnership unique, effective and accountable for delivering results?

Twelve people and three words: The INA Board. Under Arkansas Code §25-27-101, the Board provides oversight to the Network Manager (that’s us, the Arkansas Information Consortium, LLC, a local subsidiary of NIC Inc.), a private company that contracts with Arkansas to work exclusively for state and local government building digital government services. Working together, we’re known simply as the Information Network of Arkansas.

The INA Board is made up of representatives from user groups (accountants, insurance agents, chambers of commerce, attorneys and bankers) and state agencies. Governor Hutchinson appoints each member to serve a two year term. If you’re interested in serving on the INA Board, contact us or the governor’s office for consideration.

Ralph Hudson

Ralph Hudson - Board Chair

Arkansas Emergency Mangement Association

John Thurston

John Thurston

Arkansas Secretary of State

Amy Fecher

Amy Fecher

Arkansas Department of Transformation and Shared Services

Daryl Bassett

Daryl Bassett

Secretary of Labor and Licensing

Mark Rago

Mark Rago

Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration

Ron Pitts

Ron Pitts

Arkansas Society of CPAs

David Beck

David Beck

Independent Insurance Agents

David Nixon

David Nixon

Arkansas Bar Association


Jeff Moore

Arkansas Department of Commerce

Upcoming Board Meetings

The INA Board meets four times a year, typically on the second Tuesday in the last month of each quarter. Meetings are open to the public and take place at INA’s headquarters at 425 W. Capitol Avenue, Suite 1621 in Little Rock.

September 7, 2021
3:00 pm -
4:30 pm

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