Personal Government Assistant Gov2Go Offers New Way of Delivering Public Services

Meet the digital government assistant that’s taking the nation by storm and transforming how Arkansans interact with government.


hours SAVED for Arkansas since 2014

The Problem

INA conducted focus groups in late 2014 to understand the ideal ways in which citizens wanted to interact with government using technology. Findings revealed that citizens feel confused about where to go within government to accomplish certain tasks.

The things that happen once a year are especially hard to track. Knowing which agency handles property taxes, for example, or how and when and where to pay in your county is frustrating. And tasks that involve several agencies—such as renewing your vehicle registration—tend to compound the confusion, resulting in stress and negative experiences with government.

Even though many of these services are available online, research participants still expressed disappointment with first having to know they need to take care of a civic obligation, and then having to find the right place online.

Put simply: Citizens don’t like having to understand and seek out government services.

The Solution

Gov2Go is a breakthrough that solves this long-standing problem by bringing disparate government services and information to citizens in one convenient place on their phones, Apple Watches and other devices, right when it’s needed.

The Gov2Go experience of government is simple, proactive and personal—a completely new approach to government service delivery by integrating existing digital government services into a platform that delivers them based on individual users’ needs. It’s transforming how people interact with government and represents a dramatic shift from government-first thinking to citizen-first thinking.

Imagine a future where you move to a new city and know little about the inner-workings of government or what it requires of you. You’ve got this personal digital assistant, Gov2Go, that proactively helps you navigate all the tasks you need to complete.

It offers to notify the local tax assessor of your address change for you and tells you the dates and times of your kids’ school registration. It connects you with the local city government to move your business license. There’s an election coming up, so it registers you to vote, notifies you when the sample ballots are available, tells you when and where to vote and updates you on the outcome of the local elections.

You did all that without searching for anything online, or standing in line at a government office. Government came to you.

This is the long-range vision for Gov2Go and a real-life example of how the technology can transform the relationship between citizens and government, connecting the two in meaningful ways.

Today, Gov2Go…..

The Results

Gov2Go has far-reaching benefits that make state government work better and ultimately improve the lives of citizens.

More than 285,000 Arkansans ages 18 and up who own vehicles and other taxable personal property are already using Gov2Go to track and keep up with their property-related government tasks.

It saves users time, travel and effort, and makes it easy for them to take care of their government business on time so they avoid costly penalties and fees. For citizens, the cost of missing important Arkansas government deadlines related to assessing, paying property taxes or renewing car tags—the core services available in Gov2Go—could be as high as $270, including penalties and fines.

Beyond these hard cost savings, the most important intangible Gov2Go benefit for citizens is reduced stress through better experiences with their government. Additionally, when citizens can easily get what they need through Gov2Go, government agencies will enjoy higher constituent satisfaction levels and a higher rate of compliance.

Arkansas state and local government agencies gain efficiencies from Gov2Go as citizens access their services through it. These currently include the Arkansas Department of Finance & Administration, County Assessors and County Collectors, and the Arkansas Secretary of State Business & Commercial Services and Elections Divisions.

The development and marketing of Gov2Go doesn’t cost Arkansas government a dime, making it an incredible value to the state. The Information Network of Arkansas funds the research, continuous application development, marketing and support through its self-funded business model.

“I just found out about this and already loving it. I haven’t always lived here so I forget about assessing and paying personal property, so this app is going to be a life-saver. Thank you.”

— a citizen

” This is the best thing that the government has done for Americans in the last 8 years.”
— a citizen