Vehicle Registration Renewal iPad Kiosks Reduce Wait Times at Revenue Offices

Arkansas drivers who renew their vehicle registration in-person at 13 revenue offices can bypass the lengthy lines and leave happily with new license plate tags in less than four minutes. It’s all possible thanks to DFA’s innovative self-service iPad kiosks.


hours SAVED for Arkansas since 2008

The Problem

Arkansas has offered online vehicle registration renewals at since 2008, enabling eligible drivers to renew from mobile devices and get their tags in the mail. Although more and more drivers are renewing their tags online each year, most still renew in-person at revenue offices, causing long lines and stress for citizens and state employees alike. Many Arkansas drivers were unhappy with the wait times in excess of 30 minutes and wanted a faster way to renew their tags in person.

The Solution

kioskThrough its partnership with INA, DFA quickly implemented a kiosk solution using its ARSTAR vehicle tag renewal system to help solve this customer service problem. Instead of purchasing expensive industrial kiosks and developing new software to run on them, DFA and INA strategically optimized ARStar for tablet display added an integrated credit card swipe to the devices, and mounted the hardened devices to Revenue Office service counters. A designated DFA support person monitors the kiosks, helps users, and provides the printed license plate tags.

The kiosk software also helps motorists meet their vehicle renewal eligibility requirements (property must be assessed, property taxes must be paid) by prompting users who have not yet completed one of these requirements to:

    1. Assess and/or pay property taxes. The error message displays helpful links for assessing and paying property.
    2. Receive an email once their assessment and property tax payments have cleared and they are eligible to renew and jump back to their place in the online renewal process.
    3. Get email reminders for assessment and property taxes next year.

This enhancement bridges the gap between the services of three government agencies (DFA, county assessors, and county collectors) at different levels of government, and simplifies a cumbersome and complex process for citizens through a mobile delivery channel. It’s also an innovative, one-stop way to help the 40% of motorists who have not completed their property assessment or paid property taxes during their vehicle registration renewal period.

The Results

Since launching the kiosks, DFA’s customer service level has improved by creating a better experience and higher satisfaction for drivers who renew their car tags in person. Their implementation and use have far-reaching benefits that make Arkansas government work better and ultimately improve the lives of citizens.

As of December 2016, drivers renewed their tags more than 144,784 times using the kiosks, with a 50% adoption rate in several locations. This means revenue office agents are seeing about half of their traffic diverted and half the drivers who would be standing in line are being helped in minutes through the self-service kiosks. Furthermore, more than 8,000 drivers who have used the kiosks renewed their tags the following year at, further reducing foot traffic to revenue offices and boosting internal efficiency for DFA. This enables DFA staff to provide a better revenue office experience and give more attentive service to each customer they see.

Drivers benefit by shaving up to 30 minutes or more off their Revenue Office visit. Self-service kiosks enable Arkansans to renew their vehicle registration and leave with new car tags in just four minutes. Even customers who don’t use the kiosks benefit from them because the in-person payment lines are shorter as a result.

The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration is also one of the first motor vehicle agencies in the nation to use iPad kiosks. This innovative approach to kiosks—using a device citizens are familiar with and comfortable using—has truly transformed the way DFA interacts with its customers at revenue offices. Positive feedback gathered from users clearly shows that people love the kiosks and the efficiency they bring.

“WOW… This just made my day. I thought I was going to be here a while… WOW, this is awesome!”
— happy kiosk user

” Cool… that’s easy! Wow, and no line!”
— happy kiosk user


2015 Digital Government Achievement Award Winner, Driving Digital Government